Central Services

Central Services is a Windows 2000 Child Domain of the Hokies Active Directory managed by the Computing Center. The intention of Central Services is to provide departments that lack the resources or personnel to maintain their own child domain with a stable, secure domain in which accounts for user workstations may be created. This allows departments to take advantage of the many inherent security benefits of Active Directory without paying the infrastructure costs associated with maintaining their own domain.

User accounts will continue to exist in the root domain, so users who have workstations in Central Services will log onto the Hokies domain. Computer accounts will reside in the Central Services domain in an OU named after the department that owns the workstation. Sub-authority over both user and computer accounts can be delegated to individuals tasked by the department with performing basic administrative tasks, such as resetting passwords or joining workstations to the domain. However, if the department desires for all administration to be performed by the Computing Center, then CC personnel will perform those tasks.

Contact the for more information about how your department can participate in Central Services.