Tools and Applications for Windows 2000 Administration

If you are an organizational unit OU and/or child domain administrators OU Admin is a new set of web-based tools that give you the ability to:

  • Move users in and out of the OU(s) you manage
  • Add/Remove Host Records in your child domain's DNS subdomain
  • Add/Remove CNAMES in your child domain's DNS subdomain
  • Also provides Documentation written specifically for OU and child domain administrators

The article "How to Enable LDAP over SSL Using Virginia Tech's Open-SSL Certificate Authority" (PDF) outlines the process to enable LDAP over SSL on your domain controllers.

You can use the hypertext application GetCert to generate a request for a certificate.

GetCert Instructions
  1. The link in step 2 will redirect you to the GetCert hypertext application ("certreq.hta," 44 kb). After you click on the link a File Download dialog will be displayed. Select "Save" to download the file.
  2. Click here to download the hypertext application ("certreq.hta," 44 kb).
  3. Browse to the directory in which you saved "certreq.hta."
  4. Double-click on the file to run it locally.