University Services

University Services is a Windows 2000 Child Domain of the Hokies Active Directory that is centrally administrated by Collaborative Computing Solutions (CCS). It is an end-user driven domain oriented toward desktop computers. If you place your computer in this domain, you will benefit from the enhanced security that comes from being a part of the Virginia Tech Active Directory structure. You determine the level of facilities management that is right for you. There are 2 levels of management options to choose from:

  • No Facilities Management (NFM)
    Your computer is in the University Services Domain and you benefit from security features, but patches, upgrades, and software will not be advertised or pushed to your computer.
  • Some Facilities Management (SFM)
    Hotfixes and Service Packs will be made available to you, but not necessarily pushed onto your system; you will need to install them manually.

Read the Knowledge Base article about how to add a computer to the University Services Domain.